Brain Gain Recruiting    



Contingency-based Recruiting

We place:

  •  Strategy Consultants and Executives (Business, Operations, Technology, Organizational Change)
  •  IT, ERP, and Operations Consultants and Executives
  •  Quantitative Developers and Managers in the Financial Industry

Employers: Please contact us to discuss your needs. We place full time regular employees on a contingency basis with a 90 day unconditional guarantee.

Potential Candidates: Please contact us if you are interested in discussing opportunities. We prefer to receive a resume in Word or PDF format before we speak with you. We keep all resumes and contact information confidential.

Recruiters: We are open to collaboration and 50/50 split placements.

Training Programs for Recruiters and Sourcers

Irina Shamaeva is a leading Internet sourcer, thought leader, and instructor specializing in boolean and semantic search, LinkedIn, and Twitter sourcing techniques. Visit Irina's Boolean Strings blog for links to webinars schedule, DVDs, articles, groups, and social networks dedicated to Internet sourcing and recruiting.

Sourcing/Name Generation

We provide sourcing, name generation, and online research. Please contact Irina to discuss your project.